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You’re dreaming, and in your blissful sleep you hear the voice of angels. The music and the voices touch you, the songs are powerful yet pure, sultry yet funky. Slowly, you awaken to realize this is not a choir of seraphim and cherubim but one lovely lady… Theresa Andersson.

Resident diva of New Orleans, Theresa takes people’s breath away when she opens her mouth to sing. Theresa was born to sing. In fact, she began singing as soon as the sound would come out, singing along with her parents records. Her first performance came at age 4 at Sunday school, and she began studying the violin at age 10.

The world was soon at her door as she became part of the prestigious World Youth Choir. But the United States was calling across the ocean, and at 17 Theresa departed her native Sweden to live and perform in the Big Easy – New Orleans. It was not long before her impressive vocal talent,
razor sharp violin and percussion skills brought her both attention and work opportunities.

Soon she was in demand both on stage and in the studio. Her recording credits include work with New Orleans legend Marva Wright, Cowboy Mouth, Galactic and Anders Osborne in addition to many commercials for radio and television.

A veteran of the road, Theresa has shared the stage with a diverse array of talent including Taj Mahal, the Subdudes, Keb Mo and Zachary Richard to mention a few. She is also a full-fledged member of the New Orleans band Monkey Ranch – a select group of the Crescent City’s finest musicians (read – the Neville Brothers, the Radiators etc.)

Now Theresa has come full circle and into her own as a solo performer. She has taken the best of her experiences and influences and distilled them into her own fine musical wine. Ever since she put her band together, the buzz and support has been overwhelming. All you have to do is see her once and you’ll be hooked for life. Scott Aiges of the Times Picayune once said that she had “a voice like golden honey and a mean way with a violin..” She’s won the Offbeat Magazine award for “Best Violin Player of 1998”, and “Best Other” for instrumentalist in addition to being featured on
“The Best of Louisiana Jukebox” for 1998. There’s no doubt there’s something different about her sound.

Theresa is a breath of fresh air, combining her sultry, blues drenched power with the tenderness of the sweetest singers. Her songs reflect passion and compassion, and an awareness of her surroundings and the world at large. She sings with both unbridled joy and the desperation of heartbreak. She could sing the phone book and you would believe her.

A gentle and kind person, she exudes a positive energy that is contagious. Watch out…Theresa Andersson is setting the musical world on fire one song at a time. And no, you’re not dreaming, it really is just her.

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