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What do you get when a set of twins grows up listening to their older sisters’ record collection of the Beatles, Brazil’66, Todd Rundgren, The Clash and the soundtrack of Jesus Christ Superstar? The Twigs. The Twigs are twin sisters, songwriters and singers Linda and Laura Good, with Linda on piano, rhodes, acoustic guitar, vocals and Laura on electric guitar, vocals and cello. Smart lyrics, ethereal vocal harmonies, crunchy guitars and dreamy piano lines mix with retro grooves to produce a sound uniquely their own.

ON RECORD…THE UNIVERSE TONIGHT, the Twigs’ latest CD, follows up their critically acclaimed indie debut, BRING ME THE HEAD OF ETERNITY (Whirl-i-gig Records). After recording BMTHOE mostly at home in their 16-track studio (with Linda & Laura doing most of the engineering & producing), the Twigs ran into producer and fellow Chicagoan Johnny K, who heard some of their demos in progress and had just finished producing metal rockers Disturbed. What did a platinum-selling heavy metal producer have in common with two piano-playing, acoustic guitar-strumming singer/songwriters? The Beatles. After discovering their mutual love of Lennon/McCartney songwriting and vintage Brit-pop bands, Johnny K proclaimed he had found his “female Beatle babes” and offered to produce The Twigs’ new record. Sound designer Bryan Rheude was added to the eclectic mix, and the end result combines artfully designed acoustic and electronic samples with Laura and Linda’s trademark spine-tingling harmonies. Songs such as “Lucky” have already captivated the ears of audiences and radio alike (KCRW, Q101). “The world is turning but I’m standing still, spinning faster than a chariot wheel,” they sing in the 21st-century love rocker “It’s Alright.” The album features provocative lyrics combined with pure pop melodies in tight 3-4 minute songs.

LIVE SHOWS… Knitting Factory – Hollywood, Spaceland – LA, International Pop Overthrow Fest – LA, Troubadour – LA, A2A Festival – Amsterdam, House of Blues – Chicago, & The Double Door – Chicago, Mercury Lounge & CBGB Gallery – NYC, Schuba’s – Chicago, Museum of Contemporary Art – Chicago, Metro – Chicago, Wisc. & S.East Regions/NACA Conferences [4 time Showcase Headliners], The Fine Line – Minneapolis.

BIOGRAPHY… THE TWIGS GREW UP…playing almost any instrument put in front of them. They spent the first four years of their life in Mexico, where locals considered them good luck charms and touched the white-haired twins’ heads for luck. Their earliest musical memories were of Mariachi street music and 70’s radio bands like Bread. After moving to Chicago, Linda and Laura embraced an odd mix of American soul, pop, punk an old acoustic guitar they bought with their babysitting money. Linda also became fascinated with old jazz radio. “I’d go around singing Billie Holiday songs like ‘Lover Man’ when I was 11 years old — it just made me feel better,” she says.

Being the youngest of five girls, the twins were both best friends and bitter enemies who used to physically fight over who got to play the piano after dinner. Laura recalls, “my older sisters would be upstairs blasting ‘Dark Side of The Moon,’ my mom would be singing opera in the kitchen and I would be in the basement playing Neil Young on my cello.” At 16, Linda received a talent scholarship to The Academy for The Performing Arts High School in Chicago. After high school, Linda headed to Wales to study music while Laura finished her music degree at Columbia College. Oddly enough, it was only when the twins were separated by an ocean that they started writing songs together.

After trading song idea tapes across the Atlantic, Linda played some of the resulting songs for a London producer who invited them to record at the BBC. Knowing they would need money to record more songs back in the States once they graduated, Linda played piano for theatre companies while Laura begrudgingly returned to her once hated part-time job: modeling. She hit the runways of Paris for a few seasons, made enough money to buy some recording equipment, and the girls became demo-ing maniacs. A few years and stylistic changes later, the Twigs were born, using a hated high-school nickname combined with sisterly musical spunk. Prolific songwriters, Linda & Laura have written over 200 songs together, along with other artists.


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