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Once upon a time (New York City, 1996), a guitar-wielding Princess from the East began writing anthems for a new rock revolution. Enforced by an ultra-talented array of rockergrrls over the years, The Hissyfits have been steadfastly rocking out with their mix of sweet harmonies floating over raucous guitars and drums. Raised on The Go-Go’s through Nirvana, The Hissyfits have created their own dark, driving, bittersweet sound which will touch your heart and thrash your soul.


Guitarist and lead vocalist Princess dreamed of rockin’ out ever since she was a little grrrl singing along to her big sister’s Kiss records on her front porch in Philadelphia. Still feeling the urge years later, she snagged her ex’s under-used guitar, wandered around Europe for a while, then moved to New York City and founded The Hissyfits. She loves anything that glitters, girl bands who rock, nerdy boy bands, touring, traditional tattoos, religious icon art, philosophy, Spanish, and spicy vegetarian food! She’s not so crazy about commercials with talking animals, pre-fab singing groups, smelly cabbies, and trying to move her amp. Her favorite bands are Hole, Weezer, Sleater-Kinney, Yo La Tengo, and The Amps. If the whole band thing doesn’t work out, this typical Libra plans to move somewhere with mountains and fresh air and do yoga all day. Princess is also Literary Editor at


Who says girls can’t hit hard?!! Orange County, CA, native, Sivan Harlap, has been pounding the drums since the tender age of fourteen. Now all grown up and livin’ to rock, she’s anything but tender. New York City became her home in August of 1999. And in November 2001, The Hissyfits became her family. When she’s not behind a kit, Sivan does what every other New Yorker does, waits tables. Sivan likes motorcycles, tattoos, fast cars, loud music, and boyz in bands. Her favorite drink is whatever is in her flask. And her favorite bands are Tartufo and the Wet Ones. Don’t hate her because she’s a gemini, hate her because she hits harder than you!


Karen K.

Ren spent her childhood in Denver learning how to properly crouch beneath desks during a

tornado and how to walk 10 miles uphill (both ways) in a snowstorm in order to get to the local laundromat without breaking a sweat. Things were not always easy out west. Her first horse died in the blizzard of ’82, was resurrected in ’83 thanks to contaminated reservoir water, and then had many foals who were all borne away by the next big tornado in ’84. Many of Ren’s hairstyles were done away with in this manner as well. At any rate, miss correa also learned how to pluck out a not entirely disagreeable tune on the vie-oh-la…one thing led to another and she eventually attempted to escape her little wooden

instrument by going east and not taking it with her. She was unsuccessful. Not only did she find herself once again wielding the viola, but she spent five years rocking the bass guitar in defiance of the ubiquitous Four Guys On Stage. She played with a few bands and recorded an album in 1999 as bassist with a now-defunct nyc rock outfit. She composed and performed the soundtrack to the short film American Obon (dir: Jenessa Joffe) which premiered at the 2000 San Francisco Asian American Film Festival. Ren is currently the Farfisa-mistress and backup heckler for the garage-noir cabaret group, The Flesh, and violist for her own 4tet as well as for the nyc collective Anti-Social Chamber Music. She counts herself lucky as all get-out to be on the tornado-free eastern seaboard and in the baaaad (oh so bad, oh yea!) company of THE HISSYFITS as the new and improved string section! Yay! what? There wasn’t an old one?….

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