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Sis Deville is an All-Star, All-Girl, Southern-Rock band infused with high energy, powerful harmonies, and original hit songs. Every Sis Deville show is an aesthetic experience. From their glam-rock style to their soul shaking rhythms, these ladies will take you on a Joyride of entertainment that leaves you begging for more.

Sis Deville performed at Women In Rock’s 3rd Annual Daisy Rock Showcase at The Lucky Lounge for the 2003 South X Southwest Music Conference in Austin, Texas. Both Floramay Holliday and Carolyn Wonderland played at our 1st Annual Daisy Rock Showcase, back when it was held at Momo’s, in 2001.

The members of Sis DeVille are Floramay Holliday, Carolyn Wonderland, Ann Marie Harrop, Angela Webster, and Shelley King.


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