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Before Sean Wiggins, a centered and attention-grabbing, blue eyed, soul diva is how she’s been described, but there’s much more to Wiggins when she takes to the stage or gets in the studio. You will find that her recordings define her inner most feelings at that precise time in her life. As an artist, Wiggins is making waves! A song from Wiggins past, “Jane and the Goats”, is currently featured on the critically acclaimed and award winning independent film, “God, Sex, and Apple Pie”. In addition, in January 2002, Wiggins song styling will be featured on MTV’s hit night drama, “MTV Undressed”. The summer of 2001 was a busy one for Wiggins.

While recording her newest CD, “Next Time Around”, she toured the country opening for Sophie B Hawkins and Jill Sobule, while hitting large music festivals such as Chicago’s Market Days, which hosts 350,000 people. She also performed shows in New York City, Atlanta, Seattle, where she opened for Melissa Ferrick, and all throughout Southern California. In Fall 2001, Wiggins graced the stage of the Houston Women’s Festival, opening for Patrice Pike, and hosted a variety of CD release parties. She then returned to the Windy City with Linda Moss (harmonica) to play the renowned Hard Rock Caf

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