Sassafrass ::

Supporting their mission to do whatever it takes to inspire girls to play guitar and enjoy music, the crew at Daisy Rock Guitars formed their band Sassafrass during an artist endorsement excursion at the 2003 music conference in Austin. The company’s Founder & President – Tish Ciravolo – defines the group’s punk influenced sound with her rock solid, no-nonsense kick-your-ass-with-a-side-of-attitude driven bass playing. Daisy Rock co-partner Ron Manus pushes his heavily distorted screeching guitar sound to the edge of the musical universe, adding an electric energy to the mix that would leave Edison himself feeling jealous. Daisy Rock’s Director of PR-Rich Lackowski-completes the trio with solid, tasty drumming that’ll leave you feeling sexier than a spoonful of Tiramisu and cr


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