Ripe ::

Splice Red Hot Chili Peppers with Vanessa Carlton/Coldplay and the sound would be pure Ripe, an NYC-based progressive pop/rock band.

In the words of an industry professional: “You don’t know what to do first at a Ripe show, look at the 3 beauties, listen to the awesome musicians, or get absorbed in the lush vocal harmonies.” Ripe’s sound tapestry derives from sources as diverse as Santana, Dido, Elton John, Paula Cole, Counting Crows and old Guns and Roses. The three voices blend beautifully yet maintain an uncanny independence. The instrumentalists master every single note and occasionally let go in all out solo-bursts.

Ripe provides pure vocal and musical fun, catchy hooks and real substance. Live show highlights include: a haunting 3-part a capella ballad, a driving world/fusion instrumental, and a lush pop/tribal love song with a classical quote worthy of a Carnegie Hall performance.

The quote to sum it all is: “The sheer level of joy and energy gives people the mistaken impression (that Ripe) is a Christian rock band


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