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Concetta Kirschner was born on 172 and St. Nicholas Avenue in New York City to a Sicilian-American mother and a Russian-Polish-Jewish father. Eclecticism was bred into her bones. Growing up with hippie parents who regularly blasted everything from Stevie Wonder to Led Zeppelin to David Bowie, she was heavily influenced by her music-loving parents. The family moved from Washington Heights, New York to a farm in rural Pennsylvania when little superstar was three years old, and, when they moved on to suburban Philadelphia, she discovered Kurtis Blow on a pirate radio station.

Like a road movie legend at the age of 17, the young royal packed her bags, jumped on the bus and made it to New York to drink in her big apple roots. Her crazy love for music of many shades and the rebel cut of her jib led Miss Superstar to abandon the outmoded codes and pioneer her own style. In 1994 she cut her first demo tape on a rooomates’ boyfriend’s four-track. She played guitar, keyboards and did some of her first sampling and rhyming, and it instantly got praise from the press and major record companies, all complimenting her lyrical flow and inventive sampling.

In 1995 she released her debut album (‘Strictly Platinum’) on an independent label called 5th Beetle, having turned down the majors because she wanted to make innovative music, and didn’t want to compromise. ‘Strictly Platinum’ was co-produced by herself, Greg Talenfeld (Jon Spencer Blues Explosion) and Godfrey Diamond, best known for producing “Jungle Boogie” by Kool & The Gang. Now out of print, ‘Strictly Platinum’ was last seen fetching up to $100 on Ebay!

In 1997 she founded her own label ‘A Big Rich Major Label,’ which she later cheekily renamed ‘The Corrupt Conglomerate’ after the big label mergers in 1999. She self-released her second album, ‘CEO,’ which wound the press up with reviews like: “This record defies expectations and categorization with jaw dropping lyrics”. She was a one-woman show



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