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How does one sum up the life of 20-year-old female rock artist Lennon Murphy? Do you start with the death of her only parent at the age of 18, the two year successful battle for adoption of her 10 year old sister, the release of her debut album on tragic Sept. 11, 2001 her departure from Arista Records due to internal problems, and give into the poor little girl tale that every article in her press book leaves you pondering; or do you look past the story, look past the sexual imagery, and discover Lennon in the honesty of her music. On Lennon


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G. Lee

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Singer/songwriter/guitarist G. Lee comes from a musical family and has been playing music her entire adult life. Her voice can be strong while at the same time delivering lyrics in an expressive, sensitive way. Her vocal style and quality have been described as somewhere between that of Bonnie Raitt and Lisa Loeb. Pick your reference point; it doesn’t really matter – G.’s soundis all her own. She and Peter Roubal formed Jet Blonde in 1999. G. is always up for playing benefit shows as well: she organized and performed in PET ROCK,a benefit for the Humane Society three years in a row. She also performed in GRRRLFEST,a benefit for the GirlZone Organization earlier this spring. When she’s not playing with the full band, G. performs solo and acoustic duo shows with either Peter or Andy; she recently performed solo at the “Women In Rock” Showcase in St. Louis. Here and there, G. also sings with Robynn Ragland in her live band. But right now, her priority lies with Jet Blonde! The band’s second CD is scheduled for an early fall 2001 release.


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Alice Lee

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Alice Lee was born in Boston, MA, and trained early on in classical music by her pianist mother. Periods of sporadic nomadism landed her in Los Angeles and Orange County, CA for the bulk of her childhood and to San Francisco, New York, and Melbourne, Australia for her nascent adulthood. After quitting music to pursue a dance career, she eventually returned to music – this time, on her own terms. She soon picked up the guitar and took the initiative in learning.

The voice was the last element to fall in place. Plagued by shyness, she started to sing in cemeteries to bolster her confidence. “Two words why: no hecklers. I figured if I wanted to find out whether I could sing to wake the dead, might as well start in a logical place.” Finally landing in Washington, DC, she began playing open mics in the area and gathering mutual inspiration from other musicians.

She found herself busking in Paris and Amsterdam and performing in Edinburgh and Ghent. A demo EP followed. Through the help of a couple of friends, the tracks were finished in Virginia and Europe in a couple of days of recording.

After moving to Brooklyn and playing solo gigs in New York, San Francisco, Boston, Los Angeles, and Washington, DC, she found like-minds in bassist Tony Maimone (Pere Ubu, They Might Be Giants) and studio whiz Joel Hamilton (Shiner, Sparklehorse). The Quicksand EP featuring Matt Brubeck (Sheryl Crow, Tom Waits) and percussionist David Flores skirts along the boundaries of what could loosely be called rock, encompassing bossa nova, bhangra funk, and electronic drum and bass.

She continues to sporadically tour and play with her band and was featured as a vocalist in the Brooklynites


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Kate Klim

Kate Klim ::  http://www.kateklim.com

she received her first lesson, and 11 years old when an unsuccessful audition for the film “Life with Mikey” caused her to rethink her career as a moviestar. This was fortunate, because the singer/songwriter Club Passim has since called a “local rising star” then turned to music.

With roots in Palatine, Illinois and Downingtown, Pennsylvania, Kate was raised on a steady diet of Carole King , Paul Simon, Billy Joel and John Lennon. Later on, her influences grew to include Patty Griffin, Jonatha Brooke, Chris Trapper and Garrison Starr.

Kate’s musical success in her hometown led her to Berklee College of Music in Boston. It was here that Kate worked and continues to work on her skills as a writer and performer. She was asked to share her original music with Beth Nielson Chapman in a songwriting Master Class, and her song “Heaven Help Me” leads off this year’s “Best of Boston” compilation CD.

Her folk/pop style is making a name for her in the local music community. She has appeared in the Club Passim “New Faces” show, opened for folk-icon Mary McAslin, and performed as an invited guest of the Pushstars. Her self-released album, Heaven Help Me has received airplay on Boston’s WERS. With all this at only 20 years old, Kate can only hope for continued success.


“she invokes Tori Amos at times… leaning into the piano until it tells her story”

– Club Passim


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Libby Kirkpatrick

Libby Kirkpatrick ::  http://www.libbykirkpatrick.com

Libby Kirkpatrick was awarded Finalist, Runner-Up, and Honorable Mention in the 2002 John Lennon Songwriting Competition. Most Recently, Libby won the 2003 Lady Sixstring songwriting competition. Libby was a finalist in the 2003 Rocky Mountain Folks Festival, finalist in the Fall 2002 Lady Sixstring songwriting competition, and Winner of the 1999 Telluride


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