Michelle Malone

Michelle Malone ::  http://www.michellemalone.com

Michelle Malone is a super-ball. She’s irrepressible…and with Hello Out There, her 7th studio recording, she’s seemingly unstoppable. Released independently on Malone’s own SBS Records, Hello Out There is an image-filled collection of 12 newly recorded songs that bounce far beyond the simplistic industry titles of folk, pop, or rock. This record is super-charged with the spark plug guitar leads and passionate vocals that have become Malone’s trademarks. The title track radiates somewhere between the power pop of The Pretenders and the layered vocal textures of Stone Temple Pilots. “Sleepy Sunday Morning,” co-written and recorded with Emily Saliers (Indigo Girls), is a beautiful narrative and illustrates that Michelle has not forgotten her acoustic roots. “Super Ball,” an uplifting song of determination and survival, is richly curved, anthemic and unbound. “I wanted a slightly more produced sound this time out, but still maintain an organic foundation. I think of it as sonic roots-rock.” These are Malone’s offerings, graceful and fiery, with honest songwriting and irresistible melodies. Hello Out There resounds with marvelous evidence that Michelle Malone continues to make music that matters.

In whichever musical bin she’s been placed throughout the years (try alt-country, speed-folk, power pop, or straight-up rock and roll), Atlanta charmer Michelle Malone has certainly had an intriguing career. Her first independent release garnered enough attention to land her a big deal, but after recording her major-label debut she found that autonomy much better suited Michelle Malone. She has since either recorded with labels focused more on artist development than artist disposability, or she has put out her own records. Michelle founded SBS Records in 1992 as a way to reissue music of which she had regained ownership. In 1999 she self-released Home Grown on SBS and has independently sold more than 15,000 copies. Since she began touring and recording in 1987 she has built a loyal grassroots following that has supported Michelle to the tune of over 100,000 records sold to date. With a sly disregard for trend, fierce will and resilience, she continues to do things her own way, it’s no wonder she claims such a fondness for Sinatra.

And speaking of touring…Michelle has crossed the states dozens of times over, back and forth and sideways. Her live performances are take-no prisoner affairs she attacks with equal parts reckless abandon and delightful Southern charm. Malone has been known to transform the largest of rock arenas into a living room, a jazz club, or honky-tonk. During the past year she has played over 200 shows, including dates on the road with Indigo Girls both in support and as a satellite member of their band.

Michelle’s website is located at www.michellemalone.com where MP3s can be downloaded and her CDs, including Hello Out There, can be purchased. Photos, press clips, and tour information are also available at www.michellemalone.com


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Ginger Mackenzie

Ginger Mackenzie

Texas-born, South Dakota raised Ginger Mackenzie’s music is warm, intriguing and rich with textures although her primary memories of childhood are of being cold, bored, and in trouble. “Small town kids improvise. There was no Internet, no video games, no MTV just good old fashioned ingenuity. I was always in trouble, it was winter seven months of the year. You had to keep yourself entertained” Then one Christmas Day she received a stereo as a gift. This marked the start of Ginger’s habit of buying one record a week from the small town drugstore. This kept her out of trouble. She would learn each album end to end and this became her musical self-education. Ginger took home Patsy Cline, Joni Mitchell, Stevie Wonder, Aretha Franklin, Billy Holiday, big bands, Steely Dan and the Beatles, among others. “I am lucky that the drugstore owner had great taste, I did not know what the popular music was, I bought what he sold” says Ginger. He would tell me “The Beatles, all the kids are listening to the Beatles.” “It was not until I was much older did I realize that most of the kids at that time were listening to Paula Abdul, Madonna and Wham. He is still at the drugstore to this day. I have since told him Thank you.”

At 15, Ginger realized her spirit was being confined by small town life, so she boarded a Greyhound bus to Texas, and moved in with her aunt. She lived the life of an artist by night, and worked within the music industry by day. She began singing professionally with a variety of bands, acting in the theater, and working as a disc jockey. Ginger eventually built a successful career in radio promotion for major labels at a very young age, running an entire department at 22, but this was not the career that could fulfill the needs of her spirit. Finally, the creative surroundings of life in Austin, Texas, gave Ginger the support and focus she needed to write and play full time.

In 1997 Ginger Mackenzie recorded her debut solo album for her own label, Earthnoise records, Earthbound, a bright mosaic of original songs was released in February 1998 and sold over 5,000 copies in Austin. Since Earthbound was mainly acoustic guitar and vocal, Ginger decided to record five fresh songs and remix five songs from Earthbound to create Kismet. Kismet, another word for destiny, was released in March, 1999. The lead track, “The Garden of You and I”, garnered airplay on numerous hot AC and AAA stations across the country, including over 1000 spins on Austin’s Mix 94.7. Since the release of Kismet in March of ’99, the record has sold nearly 20,000 copies. Ginger was named MP3.com’s pop/rock artist of 1999, developing a fan base worldwide. She went on to #1 worldwide on MP3.com last April out of 300,000 songs and 100,000 artists. Songs from Kismet were also featured twice on NBC’s hit show Providence, the Miramax film ad soundtrack, Down To You and ABC’s That’s Life.

Ginger’s third album, All Too Human, produced by Billy Harvey, is currently in stores and is off to a great start with the track, “Tired,” being added into rotation on Austin’s Mix 94.7 (January 2002). Ginger says “This album is a bit different, more time was spent on the nuances. My voice and songwriting are getting stronger and stronger” This due in part to Mackenzie’s full schedule of playing four or five nights a week for the past two years. All Too Human features ten songs that run the emotional gamut, from being happy and hopelessly in love, to being stuck in a rut, to accepting defeat and moving on. All Too Human also finds Mackenzie back to her jazzy roots with songs like “I’m Over It” and “Tired” and the Joni Mitchell cover “Help Me.” All Too Human also has national distribution.

In addition to becoming a respected musician, Ginger has become valued member of the Austin community as celebrity spokeswoman for Aids Walk Austin, a supporter and spokeswomen of Girlstart, dedicated to encouraging young girls to be excited about technology, math and science. She is also an advocate of Safe Place and The Faith Home. Ginger’s goal is not only to take her music to the world, but also to be a good role model. With such boundless energy, undeniable songwriting talent and unique vocal style. Ginger is a building force about to become a tidal wave.



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Luna ::  http://www.fuzzywuzzy.com/

Luna formed in New York City back in 1992….like, when people were still listening to Grunge. And over the course of five studio LPs and last year’s stellar live disc, the band have earned a place for themselves among the greats. They’ve perfected the art of melodic guitar pop, consistently topping the college radio charts, and giving devoted Luna pundits cause to celebrate with each new release.

But why Romantica? “I was riding the subway, and there was an ad for a Latin radio station that claimed to play Musica Romantica y Moderna,” says frontman Dean Wareham. “I liked that, and it seemed to fit thematically with the record.” Agreed. Romantica is a collection of 12 songs, valiantly exploring the finer points of stars and Asian food, astronauts and black champagne, Swedish fish, disco lights, the sandman, and (above all) love. These are Luna songs through and through–whether they’re fuzzed-out and groovy (Black Postcards), sweetly sinister (1995), or a sweeping, sliding, near-country rollick (Rememories). And yeah, Dean still delivers those goose-bump inducing, epic-pop numbers that make you wanna cry (see: Lovedust, and Renee Is Crying). Wareham is probably the only guy in rock capable of conveying loss and longing through lyrics about Singapore Noodles.

Romantica was produced by Luna and dB’s stalwart Gene Holder at Jolly Roger Recording in Hoboken, NJ. It was mixed by the infamous Dave Fridmann (see: Mogwai, Flaming Lips, Mercury Rev, etc) at his own Tarbox Road Studio in upstate New York (a bit of history: Fridmann recorded some demos for Luna’s stunning debut album, Lunapark, back in 1991, shortly after Dean quit Galaxie 500).

Dave Fridmann’s sonic experimentation is the perfect compliment to Luna’s signature surrealist pop. Sure, Sean Eden and Dean still duke it out amicably with whirling guitar parts. And of course the latter’s songwriting is still impeccable. But filtered through Fridmann


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Christine Lucas

Christine Lucas ::  http://www.christinelucas.com

The Ear Magazine
– Adam Bernard Senior Urban Music Writer

Electro-acoustic. It sounds like an oxymoron, but according to New York singer / songwriter Christine Lucas it’s “a perfect balance.” That perfect balance was on stage for everyone to hear at CB’s 313 Gallery (www.cbgb.com/gallery.html) as a part of a night of music put on by Forever Night Entertainment.

The house was packed wall to wall with people. Around 9:30 PM Lucas hit the stage wearing a black tube top that showed off her six-pack abs, and a pair of jeans with so many tears in them that it would have made Def Leopard proud. Despite her diminutive size, her presence and voice were huge. Lucas played a host of songs from her forthcoming album.

There were definite times when one could see a gospel impulse in Lucas’ show.During a song titled “My Evolution” she called up anyone who could sing onto the stage to act as a makeshift gospel choir.

Even though people inevitably label her as pop, there was one thing that was very apparent on this night, Lucas was ready to rock. Maybe it was the atmosphere. Maybe it was an inner rock-star wanting to burst out. Whatever it was, her body movements and her desire to get the crowd captivated by every song, made it quite clear that she was going to make sure the hard rock crowd was into her. It’s no surprise that she counts Heart and Pat Benatar as inspirations. After her performance Lucas shared that her goal for shows is to “Have fun and rock it out,” adding she has a more serious goal as well, noting “I [also] want people to hear what I’m saying.”

Her need to have her message heard comes from her want to inspire. Lucas says there are two things that separate her from most other singers. “[I have] the ability to inspire people, truth and love is the underlying theme.”

Performing isn’t the only thing Lucas is interested in, however, she wants to help out other artists. She’s organized a show called Femme Mystique. Femme Mystique is intended to be a theatrical show featuring New York female singers and their bands.

The first Femme Mystique show is scheduled to be on April 9th, 2003 at the Triad Theater on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. Lucas will be performing at the show along with three other acts. She says “Expect the performance to be more theatrical,and have a longer set, and a costume change.”


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Lisa Loeb

Lisa Loeb ::  http://www.lisaloeb.com

Combining her special and unique talents as a singer/songwriter, Lisa Loeb has shown the world her ability to create music that touches the heart and stimulates the mind, proving herself an artist on par with the best of her generation.

Raised in Dallas, Texas in a family that values the arts, Loeb studied ballet, piano and music theory and began composing original music and writing her own lyrics while in her youth. She earned her degree in comparative literature from Brown University, where she had her first real taste of musical success with her duo Liz and Lisa. Loeb moved to New York in the early 90s, where she performed on the Manhattan club circuit and recorded a tape (referred to by fans as “The Purple Tape”) that she sold at her shows.

In 1994, her breakout song “Stay (I Missed You)” was part of the soundtrack to the hit motion picture Reality Bites. As the world recognized her prodigious talents, the song earned Lisa a Grammy nomination and a Brit Award, as well as the distinction of being the first and only unsigned artist to have a No. 1 single. Geffen Records signed her later in 1994.

Loeb’s debut album Tails was released in 1995 and featured an engaging collection of heart-shaped ballads and fervent rockers that earned Loeb a Grammy nomination and gold sales status. Touring endlessly to reach her new fans, Lisa shared stages with musical luminaries including Lyle Lovett, Counting Crows, Emmylou Harris, Shawn Colvin, and the Indigo Girls.

Loeb released her follow-up album Firecracker, in 1997. The disc garnered another Grammy nod and featured the Top 20 single “I Do.” Loeb toured with The Wallflowers and Chris Isaak and was part of the groundbreaking first Lilith Fair, appearing on the tour each of its four years.

From the outset of her professional recording career, Loeb’s music turned pop convention on its ear, while her signature glasses and girlish skirts stylishly rebuked the status quo. In 2002, Loeb signed with Artemis Records to gain the creative flexibility of an independent label helmed by experienced label executives Danny Goldberg and Daniel Glass.

Her latest CD, Hello Lisa, features 11 original songs composed or co-written by Lisa and a variety of songwriters and producers, including Randy Scruggs, Dweezil Zappa, Glen Ballard and Peter Collins. “Though I wrote many of the songs myself, this record is ultimately a collaborative effort,” Loeb says. “I wanted to write, produce and play with as many people as possible to bring a sense of diversity to the project. I co-produced the album, so there is a strong connection in all the songs.” Composing and performing songs that combine effervescent pop with the lyricism of a skilled storyteller, Lisa Loeb is one of contemporary music’s most sumptuous delights.

In addition to recording and performing her music live, Lisa has recently shown the world that her performing talents include acting and voiceovers. Guest appearances on the Chris Isaak show, the Andy Dick show, the network drama Cupid, The Drew Carey Show and more, have made her dramatic and comedic talents known. Lisa starred in her first feature film role, opposite Oscar-winning actor Geoffrey Rush in the hit movie “House On Haunted Hill” which was the number one film in America for Halloween weekend 1999. Lisa is currently recording voice-overs for Columbia-Tristar Television’s animated series “Spiderman” to debut fall 2002 on MTV.


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