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Melissa Ferrick and Brian Winton recorded and mixed “listen hard” at The Power Station New England in Waterford, Connecticut from January 2nd through the 23rd. Choosing the ten strongest songs and having tons of ideas, they jumped into this project with the music’s well being in mind. This marks the first professionally recorded album Melissa has had the opportunity to produce since her sophomore Atlantic record “Willing to Wait” in 1995.

Although self produced, Melissa relies heavily on her musical partner Brian Winton. His knowledge of the material and overall sensitivity for the song has become an essential element for Melissa over the last two years. With Brian’s background in engineering and his forte in drumming, his rhythms are almost instinctively taken out of Melissa’s head. Brian’s welcome addition allowed her the opportunity to experiment with production ideas that she was previously unable to execute.

This time Melissa’s own Right On Records and her loyal fans put some money into the making of the album. Utilizing The Power Station’s state of the art equipment, head engineer Jon D’Uva’s great knowledge of the room, as well, the decision to hire Bob Ludwig to master (Gateway Mastering, Portland ME), the quality of this record is immediately audible.

As well, Melissa and Brian called on some friends for their musical input and performances;

  • Sara Lee – Bass (B-52’s, Ani DiFranco, TheIndigo Girls)
  • Jimmy Ryan – Mandocello, Mandolin (CatieCurtis)
  • Edie Carey – Background Vocals (solo artist)
  • Wil Masisak – Organ, Melatrone, Piano,Jupiter6 (Dan Bern, Wilbur)

Once basic tracks and overdubs were complete, Melissa and Brian realized that they would be doing the album a disservice by mixing it on their own. It just so happened that Wil produced Dan Bern’s “New American Language” (one of their favorite albums of 2001) and was thankfully 24 hours away from flying home to Boulder, CO. With the purchase of a new ticket, Wil agreed to stay on the project to help mix. “Listen hard” is the most passionate and personally invested album Melissa Ferrick has released to date.

As far as what you know about Melissa Ferrick from a biographical standpoint, it’s little. She is a songwriter, born and raised in Massachusetts. She has been through it all in the industry and is still in love with it. Melissa plays and sings from her feet. There seems to be no stopping this woman who has now moved into the arena of owning and running her own label from her home on Cape Cod. As Melissa puts it,

“Right On Records is really a means to an end. To me records aren’t complicated you make one, try to get it into stores, make sure your posters don’t suck, stay on the road and keep your website interesting and accessible. I have an incredibly devoted fan base, an amazing crew, tour manager Jen Perry and publicist Bryna Gootkind, the agent I’ve always wanted, Jim Flemming and a distributor I have an enormous amount of respect for, Golden Rod/Lady Slipper. We are an ‘independent artist run label’.”

All of us at Right On Records are proud to be a part of this thing called the music business and we hope that you love “listen hard”as much as we do.



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