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“Magdalen is redefining the female musician, not only as performer and artist, but also as inventor and educator. Her blend of hard-grounded folk, sweet siren lyrics and high-powered feminist angst…makes an enduring impression upon the American music scene. Her distinguishing factor is her cool edgy sound, independent style and, more importantly, her courage to be sensitive, tender and feminine. as she carves her own identitiy as an artist in an industry where Asian women are not thought of as musical powerhouses or innovators….she is a rare force with which to reckon ~ ~ A Magazine Magdalen Hsu-Li is an Asian-American music artist, painter, poet, and speaker. This passionate and unique multimedia artist digs deep to expose the cracks beneath the surface, breaking through the armor within herself and in others to connect, uplift, and inspire through music, art, and the five elements. With her latest CD release, FIRE, (Chickpop Records), she fluidly brings together all these rudiments of her life philosophy.

A pioneering Asian-American womyn in music, Magdalen is one of the first openly out bi Chinese-American singer-songwriters in the United States who is becoming a star in the acoustic/pop/folk/alternative genres. With her second CD, the blazing, incandescent Fire, Magdalen, already an acclaimed performer on the college, festival, folk, and club tour circuits, offers rebellion in sexy, soaring vocals and gritty, angst-filled lyricism. One of the first Asian-American music artists to command the alternative college playlist, Magdalen brings a confident voice and an astute awareness of her role as catalytic spokeswoman for America


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