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Maine native and self-made pianist / singer / songwriter, Kate Schrock has been building a devoted audience with her ‘do it yourself’ approach and attitude. On her own independent label, Kakelane Music, she has produced and released three critically acclaimed albums: Refuge, released in 1994, Shunyata in 1997 and Dames Rocket in 2000. Kate Schrock blends rock, jazz and gospel with a pop angle to create dark emotional melodies and musical textures. Beginning with her productionally stripped down album, Refuge, to the recent, Dames Rocket, Kate has been building and expanding on her solid and identifiable style Kate has carved out a truely grass-roots music career, after many detours…a stint as a Model in New York and Paris, some time building wooden lobster boats, 4 years studying philosophy and theatre, and many many nights of performing her music, in large and small rooms across the US. All throughout her journey, she has kept a wild sense of humor and a lust for life.

“The rewards of this business are in the art itself and the little moments along the way…The richness is always in the process and the story you live and the lives you touch and are touched by.” (KS) Influenced my artists such as Kate Bush, Bob Dylan, Rickie Lee Jones, the Rolling Stones, The Who and the Beatles and inspired by the independence of artists such as Ani Difranco, Kate has developed into a testimonial songwriter with a unique edge, placing weight not only on honest introspection and reflection but on groove and melodic depth as well. Kate’s approach is in tradition with the legendary songwriters such as Joni Mitchell, in which life and truth fuel her poetry and create the basis for her music. Like Mitchell, Kate is also a painter and claims her visual art is inextricably connected to her songwriting. Her paintings grace the covers of both Shunyata and Dames Rocket. Her label is headquartered from a large farmhouse on the coast of Maine where she writes and records with close friends and her brother, Nate Schrock, who fronts the band, The Coming Grass. (www.cominggrass.com). Kate still calls Maine her home and tours nationwide. Kate has shared the stage with such acts as Stephen Stills, Taj mahal, Wayne Kramer, BoDeans, Sonia Dada, Cracker, Maceo Parker & Mick Taylor of the Rolling Stones


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