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she received her first lesson, and 11 years old when an unsuccessful audition for the film “Life with Mikey” caused her to rethink her career as a moviestar. This was fortunate, because the singer/songwriter Club Passim has since called a “local rising star” then turned to music.

With roots in Palatine, Illinois and Downingtown, Pennsylvania, Kate was raised on a steady diet of Carole King , Paul Simon, Billy Joel and John Lennon. Later on, her influences grew to include Patty Griffin, Jonatha Brooke, Chris Trapper and Garrison Starr.

Kate’s musical success in her hometown led her to Berklee College of Music in Boston. It was here that Kate worked and continues to work on her skills as a writer and performer. She was asked to share her original music with Beth Nielson Chapman in a songwriting Master Class, and her song “Heaven Help Me” leads off this year’s “Best of Boston” compilation CD.

Her folk/pop style is making a name for her in the local music community. She has appeared in the Club Passim “New Faces” show, opened for folk-icon Mary McAslin, and performed as an invited guest of the Pushstars. Her self-released album, Heaven Help Me has received airplay on Boston’s WERS. With all this at only 20 years old, Kate can only hope for continued success.


“she invokes Tori Amos at times… leaning into the piano until it tells her story”

– Club Passim


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