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It’s a rarity in pop music that debut albums are as provocative, literate, lyrical and sexy as Jo Davidson’s Kiss Me There. Usually an artist requires at least a couple of work-in-progress outings to find her voice and approach. But this New York-based singer-pianist-songsmith breaks into the winner’s circle with an auspicious premiere that is, at turns, alluring, feisty and poignant.

“All the songs are true stories,” says Davidson, who wrote the 13 tunes, played all the keyboard and most of the guitar parts, co-produced and engineered “Kiss Me There” with Greg Ladanyi (who has worked with the likes of Fleetwood Mac and Don Henley.) “It’s my journey, and every song is a personal story.”

From her personal anthem, “Fragile Tough Girl,” the catchy pop tune that opens the album to her tragic balladic tale of hypocrisy and youthful naivet


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