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Before I spill my guts… For those of you interested in what I’ve done more than who I am check this out : ) – A few cool things worth noting – I won first place in the Billboard Songwriting Contest! “Amsterdam” from my new CD “Soul On Fire” won first prize in the Pop category – yippee! “Music To My Ears” from my first self-titled CD was included in an episode of Dawson’s Creek and more recently on an episode of the new WB series, Glory Days. My song “Home” from “Soul On Fire” is included on Martha Stewart’s latest compilation CD which includes Allison Krauss, Lucinda Williams and Barenaked Ladies! – “it’s a good thing!” A few of my songs were included in the soundtrack for the Independent feature film, “Sex and the Other Man (not X-rated, I promise!),” starring Stanley Tucci and Ron Eldard, and I had 2 songs in the Independent feature film “30 Days,” directed by Aaron Harnick (star of Judy Berlin). I was a finalist at the ’99 New York Lilith Fair Talent Search and have showcased at many, many music festivals and conferences…including Women In Rock’s RUN FOR BORDERS Showcase on March 14th, 2002 at Borders Bookstore, Austin, TX.

OK, now for the rest. New York City is the place where I was born and raised. My parent’s didn’t have much, but they owned a beautiful Mason & Hamlin Grand Piano. It was my favorite toy growing up. I began singing and writing songs as soon as I could reach those beautiful ivory keys (which I quickly destroyed – they’re badly chipped!). I credit a long line of heavy drinkin’, mediocre pianists for the music in my veins (my grandfather earned extra money during the depression playing piano in theaters to accompany silent movies). Nearly every member of my family on both sides plays an instrument and sings. I even have a cousin who plays bagpipes… I play the piano by ear (despite my parent’s efforts to teach me a little music theory). In highschool I noticed that my classmates (all girls for 12 years!) actually liked my singing and piano playing. I became the class pianist (unofficially) and performed at most of our school assemblies…

Years later I went to Paris as part of a junior year abroad thing (trying to escape NYC and all those girls). I earned a meager living as a Jazz singer/waitress in a Paris night club. By day, between classes, I sang in the Paris Metro to earn enough centimes to buy my daily baguette. One day a big-shot French producer invited me to POLYDOR’s recording studios to demo a few songs for the label.The music was terrible and he wanted me to sing like a little girl, so I said “Non, merci” and decided to focus on my own songwriting. Me and some friends put together a band. We played original songs and covers in clubs all over Paris for two years (yes, I even sang ZZ Top covers). My band, “C’EST,” performed several showcases for Polydor, was heard on French National Radio, and was developing a loyal following. The guitarist’s girlfriend slept with the drummer and it was time for me to head back to New York. I returned to Barnard College with one year left and a need to get back out into the clubs. From the campus I headed Downtown with my keyboard (picked up the guitar somewhere along the line) and teamed up with British guitarist extraordinaire, Stephen Quinn. Although I hate being compared to anyone, I’ve often been told that I remind people of Shawn Colvin with a hint of Carole King, Sarah McLachlan, and sometimes Paula Cole. I grew up listening to everything from Coltrane, Motown, Disco, Gershwin, R&B, Rachmaninoff, loads of Prince and The Police. I loved The Police.



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