Jane Bond

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Jane Bond’s debut release, Volume 1, is an honest reflection of both her own traditional musical upbringing and of the rich history in American music that we all share. Originally from Massachusetts, Jane was born into a family of music. “Grandpa sang barbershop with his friends and various swing songs with Grandma. Grandma had been playing piano professionally in the silent theatre since she was eleven years old, and had an amazing repertoire. She taught me some old jazz standards and when she couldn’t be there to back me up, Mom would.” Jane studied piano and cello as a child and when she got her first guitar at the age of 15 she began to back herself singing the songs of such artists as Mance Lipscomb and Bessie Smith.

After a brief visit to Austin during high school, her mind was made up. Upon graduation she returned to Austin, guitar in hand, to pursue her dream. It was here she found kinship in the diverse Austin music scene. “The old timey songs I thought obsolete were surprisingly familiar to musicians I met in Texas.” Produced by Nathan Hamilton, Volume 1 features not only original material written by herself and songwriter Mike Stevenson, but also a few gems from her heroes Bessie and Mance. Recorded mostly live in the studio, Vol. 1 captures the pure essence of Jane Bond’s earthy sound, with instrumentation that lends itself to jazz, blues and country. A sure bet for those who enjoy their music straight up, unpretentious and rooted firmly in tradition.

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