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HARLOW have been described as THE CULT meets VALLEY OF THE DOLLS. After two months of insanity, filming the Emmy Award nominated VH1 Show ‘Bands On The Run’, Harlow threw themselves into making their PAT SMEAR (Germs/Nirvana/Foo Fighters) produced debut album ‘Harlowland’. Harlow are obssessed with PJ HARVEY, BLACK SABBATH and BLONDIE. Somehow, these women from the far reaches of Earth, Heaven and Hell managed to come together and form Harlow. Lock up your dogs and daughters, Harlow have been let loose…

Amanda Rootes Harlow’s singer was previously with England’s all female punk rock band FLUFFY. After touring the world with bands such as THE SEX PISTOLS, MARILYN MANSON and FOO FIGHTERS (this is how they hooked up with Pat Smear), Amanda awoke from the five year party to find herself living in Los Angeles; land of sun and saline. This Londoner drives a red ’77 Trans Am and has a large collection of evil dolls.>

Rayshele Teige This green haired goddess is the firstborn of Norwegian and Brazilian descent. Rayshele likes to make an entrance, and is frequently accompanied by her pair of red haired Dobermans. The last member to join, Rayshele was forcibly ripped from the depths of Hell to complete Harlow’s fourth element. With a love for Black Metal and all things dark, Rayshele is the first to fight and the last to leave.

Chimene Gonzalez Chimene is Harlow’s glamorous bass player of Latin heritage. Chimene’s previous band THE PENNY DREADFULS were together in LA for seven years, played with KORN and WEEZER and toured extensively across the U.S. Chimene has a deep love for KISS (Gene is her favorite) and BLACK SABBATH. When Chimene isn’t playing with Harlow, her most loved pastimes are poker and tequila.

Rebecca GibbRebecca’s sordid obsession with music began with her musician father’s punk band THE BATTERED WIVES. This former Radio DJ from Toronto with heavenly looks is quick with the comebacks and witty dialogue. She moved to the West Coast in search of the perfect band. This youngest member of Harlow found her passion for beating things from her older brother, who used to demonstrate his WWF moves on her.



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