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Cristina is a former Florida folkie who moved to New York and converted to a rock ‘n roll old soul. On last year’s debut LP, What Did I Do?, she introduced herself as the Florida Girl with a Cuban soul and a redneck spine who had just waded out of the Jacksonville marshes to rock and roll New York City.

She learned much from Gotham, hanging out in dark clubs and grungy rehearsal rooms, drawing the power of the Ghosts of Rock Bands Past and sending it back out to the audience through her ’72 Fender Custom and the Starlite Venus that the good folks at Daisy Rock gave her.

With the help of Jamie Laboz (producer), Dan Green (bass), Michael P Nordberg (drums) and Alan Camlet (engineer), Cristina channeled those spirits into her second release, an EP named Cowards in Love (coming out in the spring.)

As the title suggests, it’s a short collection of love songs that put the fun back in dysfunctional. They were recorded live and laid down fast to seal in the freshness. Folks have used names like Tom Petty, Joan Jett and the Pretenders to describe them. We won’t argue with that.

Recording the album was a summer blast! But then the season changed. And after one brutal New York winter too many, Cristina made the jump to California. Now she’s storming the beach, armed with her guitars and her songs. They’re loaded and she’s not afraid to use them.


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