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Independent, smart, sexy, and strong, Jennifer Corday will command your attention with songs that speak from the heart. She’s a true entertainer with charisma and star quality that will suck you in and hold you hostage. As winner of Best Female Performer at the Orange County Music Awards, and one of five nominees for Best Live Pop Rock Band, Corday has earned a solid reputation as an incredible musician and songwriter. Corday is currently working on her next studio album, due for release this winter. Corday will pen all the tracks for the album co-produce the project with her long-time friend Steve Dierkens, producer and engineer at Disney, who will also engineer and play keyboard on the album. Corday will track most of the songs at her home studio in Long Beach before completing the album in L.A. Tentatively titled, Shine, the new collection promises to be her best effort yet, with some truly groundbreaking material that is guaranteed to stir you and shake you inside out

She performs live on the LA and Orange County circuit, showcasing at notable venues like The House of Blues, The Coach House, and The Galaxy, as well as music festivals and events across the nation, where she has opened for Cher, Pat Benetar, The B-52’s, Meredith Brooks, Cyndi Lauper, Berlin, Fastball, Jonatha Brooke, Something Corporate, Chaka Khan, Sheena Easton, The Wild Colonials, Catie Curtis, Me’shell N’degeocello, Melissa Ferrick, Michelle Malone, and many more rising stars. She loves to rock out with her band, but often performs solo, with an amazing acoustic performance that will take you from a whisper to a scream. Corday is a regular in Las Vegas where she performs at local hotspots like Tommy Rocker


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