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– Adam Bernard Senior Urban Music Writer

Electro-acoustic. It sounds like an oxymoron, but according to New York singer / songwriter Christine Lucas it’s “a perfect balance.” That perfect balance was on stage for everyone to hear at CB’s 313 Gallery ( as a part of a night of music put on by Forever Night Entertainment.

The house was packed wall to wall with people. Around 9:30 PM Lucas hit the stage wearing a black tube top that showed off her six-pack abs, and a pair of jeans with so many tears in them that it would have made Def Leopard proud. Despite her diminutive size, her presence and voice were huge. Lucas played a host of songs from her forthcoming album.

There were definite times when one could see a gospel impulse in Lucas’ show.During a song titled “My Evolution” she called up anyone who could sing onto the stage to act as a makeshift gospel choir.

Even though people inevitably label her as pop, there was one thing that was very apparent on this night, Lucas was ready to rock. Maybe it was the atmosphere. Maybe it was an inner rock-star wanting to burst out. Whatever it was, her body movements and her desire to get the crowd captivated by every song, made it quite clear that she was going to make sure the hard rock crowd was into her. It’s no surprise that she counts Heart and Pat Benatar as inspirations. After her performance Lucas shared that her goal for shows is to “Have fun and rock it out,” adding she has a more serious goal as well, noting “I [also] want people to hear what I’m saying.”

Her need to have her message heard comes from her want to inspire. Lucas says there are two things that separate her from most other singers. “[I have] the ability to inspire people, truth and love is the underlying theme.”

Performing isn’t the only thing Lucas is interested in, however, she wants to help out other artists. She’s organized a show called Femme Mystique. Femme Mystique is intended to be a theatrical show featuring New York female singers and their bands.

The first Femme Mystique show is scheduled to be on April 9th, 2003 at the Triad Theater on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. Lucas will be performing at the show along with three other acts. She says “Expect the performance to be more theatrical,and have a longer set, and a costume change.”


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